SynerGILL offers a verity of products along with Warehouse Management System, SynerGILL's SpaRc is a unique platform that seamlessly integrates with other modules without requiring actual integration effort.

Point of Sale(POS)

Improve your POS Transaction efficiency, customer information capture and workforce management with SpaRc POS.


Capture customer information and create offers that drives customer loyalty

Operation Management

SpaRc’s Operation Management module offers capability to manage all aspects of your business performance, productivity and security.

Product Management

Keep track of most valuable asset, your inventory in real-time with SpaRc’s centralized product management.


SpaRc offers capability to convert your inventory into on-line eCommerce site to sell your products to the customers without the hassle of managing separate eCommerce site.

Retail Analytics

Maximize your warehouse efficiency, accuracy and speed with SpaRc’s Warehouse Management Module.

Price Management

Create and Manage dynamic pricing using SpaRc Price Management Module

Cost Management

Create and Manage cost of running your business and your products with the SpaRc’s Cost Management Module.

Warehouse Management

Maximize your warehouse efficiency, accuracy and speed with SpaRc’s Warehouse Management Module.

Business Accounting

Ensure the reliability of your business finance, P/L and reporting using SpaRc’s Business Accounting Management Module.

Order Fulfillment

SpaRc’s Order Management module allows you to take complete control of your Orders (On-Line, Mobile, Walk-In).

Wholesale Management

Monitor Orders/Inventory/Invoice/Payments/Credits/Refund-Exchange with SpaRc’s Wholesale Management.

Loyalty Management

Manage your customer’s loyalty and reward them that will result in increase revenue with SpaRc’s Loyalty Management.

Marketing and Campaign Management.

With SpaRc’s Marketing and Campaign Management Module, Retail/Wholesale customer can now market the new products by creating new campaign and offers to the customer. Customer can use email marketing, mail marketing by easily creating a flyer that can be email to the customers.

IoT Cashier and Virtual Cart

Using SpaRc’s IoT cashier and Virtual Cart module, business owner can reduce the labor cost by allowing customer to use their mobile device to enhance their shopping experience and pay for their order without standing in line and increase the through-put of business.

Fright Management

SynerGILL’s SpaRc Fright Management is design for transportation industry and it also has features for Retail, Restaurant and Wholesale industry as each has the dependency on the transportation.

Customer Mobile Payment

Allow customer to pay for their orders using their own mobile device by using SpaRc’s Customer Mobile Payment Module.

Restaurant Management

With use of SpaRc’s Restaurant Management module, Restaurant Owner and companies can manage the operation of restaurant.

About SpaRc

Robust, reliable and engineered to drive growth and maximize profit!

Today’s consumer has adopted the environment that is heavily dependent on internet and connected life. Now it does not matter the consumer is actual end consumer or consumer running a business. This adoption has posed a strong challenge from every angle to operate a business and if you are small business owner, the challenge multiplies. This change is similar change when back in 80’s, use of credit card was becoming what is internet in today’s days. Back then, if the business owner decided not to use credit card, it would have enormous impact on the business, just like today if a business decide not to use internet or connected device to operate their business. It becomes more challenging and out of rhythm. This change in consumer adoption of spending with the expectation of doing business not only influencing but dictating the way businesses are being operated. In today’s internet and digitally savvy consumers are empowered by technology in many ways that the demand is not only but expect to have seamless shopping experience across every channel. This is where SynerGILLs SpaRc comes into the picture.

The Architecture of SpaRc is a sole source product comprised of revolutionary fully integrated process and features to help manage, operate and control every angle of your business. SpaRc leverages state of the art technology and data structure in a very secure fashion to ensure the security of their customer data is intact but also not compromising features needed to address all the aspect of today’s business pain points. SpaRc offers feature design and cater specifically for (Retail, Restaurants, Wholesale and Shipping Industry) where Retail and Restaurant’s either place an Order to their suppliers/vendors and vendors can turn it around in no time. The process of order can be monitor in real-time by various entities even the order is in-transit by your shipping partner. A Business Owner/Manager can exactly pin-pint the location of their order while in transit on the map and SpaRc can provide a precise ETA. With this, SpaRc can offer most up-to-date, clear and concise information that can be used to manage performance, tract productivity and improve efficiencies throughout your company.

SynerGILL's SpaRc offers features such as a revolutionary inventory management with the built-in business intelligence and integrate with your existing accounting software such as QuickBooks.

SynerGILL's SpaRc's innovative infrastructure is designed to adapt to your changing requirements and those dictated by evolving retail trends, providing you with everything you need to manage your retail enterprise today, tomorrow and in future years.

SynerGILL's SpaRc is complete package offering to grow your business and is supported by our experience and knowledgeable professionals dedicating their time and effort with one single goal. Customer's SUCCESS!!!!! Our customer service and care team are available 24/7 to guide you every step of the way. That is the goal of SynerGILL and the goal of SpaRc. Let's grow together and bring a difference.

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