Increase insight into assortments and gain control over your buying and selling cycles.

Sophisticated analytic + real-time
consumer purchase data = optimized assortments.

SynerGILL SpaRc’s leading-edge simulation, purchasing, allocation, and replenishment methodologies let you gain insight into your merchandise assortment and make better-informed decisions. Multiple replenishment methods are made simple by assigning user-defined attributes.
Categorize styles, form groupings by brands, collections or seasons all of which allow for better performance monitoring. Along with its progressive analytics and reporting, this functionality ensures that your stores are stocked with the products your customers want when they want them

  • Real-time information across the enterprise.
  • Extensive product performance analysis and reporting, including life-cycle management.
  • “Intelligent” size & SKU analysis.
  • Ability to have multiple size runs for different regions.
  • Ability to maintain multiple vendors per product.
  • Innovative price management tools.
  • Automated allocation and replenishment by min,max, min&max, sales and weeks of stock.
  • Detailed purchase order analysis and reporting, including back order management.
  • Buy in bulk, pre-packs or kits
  • Reduced holding and operational costs.
  • Optimize markdowns & gain greater control over premature markdowns with inventory level alerts.
  • Inventory flow management with per-season and in-season ordering, replenishment, and allocation.
  • User-definable, formula-based landed cost functionality.

Assortment & Purchase Planning

Performance Monitoring

Multiple Replenishment Methods

Seamless Allocation

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Advanced Allocation

Control over product allocation, especially in a replenishment environment, is critical to sales maximization and markdown minimization. SynerGILL SpaRc provides tools that go far beyond the typical min-max settings used by most retail management competitors. Utilizing formula based methodologies, coupled with the ability to limit and/or disallow replenishment down to the SKU-Store level, is what sets SynerGILL SpaRc apart.

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