WholesaleManagement System

Inventory Matters! Track, monitor and manage inventory, vendors and overall operations with ease!

SynerGILL SpaRc’s functions designed specifically for wholesale suppliers are designed to help you process orders, obtain client and inventory status information and monitor agent and sales representative productivity. In addition, features such as its wholesale catalog, vendor management and wave-based distributions, make it easy to handle multiple orders and deliver them on time, eliminating costly errors and keeping you ahead of your competition.

  • Client Order Management
  • Wholesale goods catalog maintenance
  • Sales Orders automatically linked to Pos
  • Lock and unlock prices.
  • Dynamic assignment of price to customer based on customer type.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • Customer Analysis
  • Real Time Open To Sell.
  • Detail Reporting Management.
  • Detail Dashboard tool (Executive, Sales, Performance (Product/Employee Etc).
  • IoT Invoice Management including credit alert.

Order Management

SynerGILL SpaRc facilitates the intricate task of client order management, giving you total control over order status, payment terms, multiple ship-to locations, special conditions such as labeling and other client-specific information. Furthermore, the system allows you to automatically link multiple client orders to your manufacturing purchase orders and segregate them upon receipt. Analytical functionality and detailed reporting are all at your fingertips.

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