Warehouse Management

Manage, locate and distribute goods quickly and efficently

Control the movement of your Inventory, Gain Visibility, Increase Productivity and Efficiency, and Achieve Accuracy

SynerGILL SpaRc’s advanced WMS, or Warehouse Management System component functions to simplify your receipt, hold and distribution processes and handle everything from warehouse layout to productivity reporting and workflow management.

  • Warehouse layout tools, including bin assignment and asset management
  • Advanced Shipment Notification(ASN) and EDI compatibility
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Appointment scheduling for receipts
  • Handheld wireless capability for efficient pick, pack and ship
  • Exceptional WMS software
  • Bulk, pre-pack and break-pack capabilities
  • Multiple pick, pace and ship methods, including precise status tracking
  • Cross-dock processing for inter-store transfers
  • Wave-based distribution for wholesalers
  • Real-time warehouse status and productivity reporting

Additional features like cross-dock processing, supply chain management, break-pack capability, wave-based distribution, and multiple shipping methods, including the ability to monitor your inventory, shipments and transfers, result in optimal use of your warehouse

Bulk, pre-pack and break-pack

Designed to handle bulk orders, pre-packs, and kits, SynerGILL SpaRc Warehouse offers full flexibility to process your merchandise in the manner in which it was purchased. As an additional benefit, the system inherently understands and facilitates break-pack and break-kit, enabling you to change inventory status to bulk and allowing for size, color or style replenishment, all of which are correctly reflected in your inventory status.

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