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SynerGILL’s SpaRc is an integrated, cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed specifically for the business needs in Wholesale,

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SynerGILL’s SpaRc is an integrated, cloud-based WMS designed specifically for the business needs in Wholesale, Retail and Restaurant Industry. It is SynerGILL’s approach to bring a solution to address challenges that today’s Wholesale, Retail and Restaurant industry faces. The approach is simple yet effective with the capabilities offering independent solutions to meet customer’s need. SpaRc’s platform is an all-in-one software and services that simplifies and optimizes operations of your business helping to eliminate the cost, risks, and inefficiencies that come from the traditional piece-meal approach.

Our team of world-class innovators/think-tanks are dedicating their time/experience to become a premier B2B solution provider of business software and services. We know that building a strong partnership with the service providers is very crucial to the success of your business, especially when the partner has proven track record to exceed the expectation with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions and reliable support that business relies on. Our team is constantly working to deepen our experience and expertise in technology integration that will allow us to improvise/improve the solutions we are offering to our customer for their success. SynerGILL values their customer opinions and believes that SynerGILL’s success relies upon our your success, this is our motto we move ahead with and to nurture and gain the trust of our customers. We deliver unparalleled excellence through the combined values of all these commitments.

SynerGILL's Core Values

Collaborate and respect each other

Be results driven, without compromising integrity

Own our actions and commitments

Succeed through continuous improvement, learning, and results

Manage Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

Our History

Each business in the world has its own unique story and SynerGILL is no exception to it. The company was a result of one man’s experience, pain and dream that soon become the dream of four individuals.
The story of SynerGILL starts in the year of 2016, when Mr. Raj Pandya was operating a retail and a restaurant business he owned. The POS System he was using to manage and operate his business had lot of gaps and caused a lot of pain to use the system toward successful operation of the business. Having 16 Years of IT Background, Mr. Pandya was kept on thinking that he should use his experience and expertise to bridge these gaps. After unsuccessful attempts of making requests to include capabilities in the then current system that could bridge the GAP to the POS System Provider, Mr. Pandya saw an opportunity. An opportunity to start something new, something different that will help other businesses too. This was his vision.
During this time, Mr. Pandya was in the constant conversation with his then co-worker, Mr. Rupesh Rajput, about all the issues that he had operating his business. One fine day, Mr. Pandya and Mr. Rajput decided that it was enough of talk and it's time for action, and registered SynerGILL as a business. This was the first milestone, birth of SynerGILL Corporation.

The idea had started taking shape now and Mr. Pandya and Mr. Rajput were in the constant conversation on the features/designs and capabilities that should go into the product, that later would be named SpaRc. Soon they realized that they needed just more than the ideas, an expert in technologies who would bridge the gap between idea and reality. The result of that realization was the addition to SynerGILL’s next co-founder, Mr. Nitesh Anand. With the addition of Mr. Anand, SpaRc started taking a real form. The idea that Mr. Pandya initially had was, started to expand. This story shows a splendid example that when like-minded people get together, success is inevitable. Through the dedication, experience and sheer talent of Mr. Anand, SpaRc started to evolve into reality more and more and ever since it has been on the path to provide solutions to all B2B needs.

Today, SynerGILL’s SpaRc is helping businesses of all sizes in wholesale, retail, and restaurant industry across the globe in their business operations, business processes, marketing to their customers, promoting new products and services, ultimately to reach an ultimate goal that all businesses seek, SUCCESS!

Executive Team

Raj Pandya (Co-Founder and CEO): Raj Pandya is a visionary and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of Information Technology Experience. Mr. Pandya spent most of his career as a consultant implementing software applications in various different industries, giving him an opportunity to gain a key experience in learning how different industries operates and run their business. He started his career in IT back in 1996 as a software programmer.

Rupesh Rajput (Co-Founder and CFO): Rupesh is a software development manager, and a product owner with 15 years of demonstrated track record in delivering global applications by formulating technology strategy aligned with business needs.

Nitesh Anand (Co-Founder and CTO): Nitesh is a technology enthusiast and problem solver with over 15 years experience in the tech industry. He likes to assemble different solutions to provide a better end-to-end wholesome solution.

Mahadev Sapkota (Co-Founder and Chief Architect): Mahadev is a technology expert with over 17 years experience in the tech industry with a zeal for what's latest in the industry.

Raj Pandya (Co-Founder and CEO)

Rupesh Rajput (Co-Founder and CFO)

Nitesh Anand (Co-Founder and CTO)

Madhav Sapkota (Co-Founder and Chief Architect)

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