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SynerGILL’s SpaRc is a fully integrated Omni-Channel Warehouse Management Software that provides today’s businesses with “real-time” data updates needed to make smarter decision to operate their business.

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SynerGILL's SpaRc is a fully integrated Omni-Channel Warehouse Management System specifically design and developed for Warehouse introducing Smart Inventory Module that makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT together to allow Warehouse users make smarter decisions to ensure smooth operations. A complete WMS package to track products from generating PO to Supplier/Manufacture to storing product into your warehouse to Delivering the product to end customer.


In today’s fast place IoT world, where everything and everyone wants their hands on the latest information available to you to help them make a smart decision regardless of personal or professional. If you are a business owner, this seems to be a daunting task, especially when the information available to you is not enough.

SynerGILL’s SpaRc is a fully-Integrated Omni-channel Warehouse Management Software that provides today’s businesses with “real-time” valuable insight across their business. SynerGILL’s SpaRc is built by leveraging industry-specific business process consisting cloud-based solution offering to maximize productivity, improves efficiencies and optimize process across all the platform and channels.

SynerGILL s SpaRc consists of EDI with QuickBooks and Amazon, Order Management, Inventory Management, Financial Management, CRM Order Management, HR / Payroll, and a Point-of-Sale. A robust business management solution that’s perfect for wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.


Omni-Channel Retail

SpaRc is a fully integrated end-to-end WMS and Omni-Channel product with built-in features designed for today’s multi-channel retailer industry.

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SpaRc WMS offers capabilities to convert your inventory into an online eCommerce site to sell your products to the customers without the hassle of managing a separate e-commerce site.

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SpaRC WMS Wholesale has features build in that will allow users to monitor Orders/Inventory/Invoice/Payments/Credits/Refund-Exchange and many more features to help manage the business and processes.

A full feature end-to-end Warehouse Management System on Cloud Platform

SynerGILL’s SpaRc is a specifically designed Warehouse Management System and has been developed to meet the needs of the industries like Wholesale, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare to synchronizes business operations throughout the physical and digital selling environments to truly offer a completely unified system. SynerGILL’s SpaRc allows their customers to meet the on-growing demands by providing a platform not only to operate their business effortlessly but also manage and increase the revenue and reach out to their customer at a personal level to measure their interest of products.

From receiving merchandise to providing a precise location of the inventory, SpaRc uses the state of the art "Put Away" process that leverages today's smart IoTs in the warehouses. And with flexible fulfillment, finance management, labor management and more, SpaRc offers everything needed to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving warehouses in a single unified system.

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Operation Management: Boost productivity, improve efficiency and streamline process.

Synchronize operations throughout your enterprise.

SynerGILL SpaRc Operations Management offers built-in performance metrics (KPI’s), targets and analytical tools so that you can instantly get a report on everything like store and employee performances, losses, store budgets and sales targets so that you can evaluate them to make better informed decisions.







Benefits of using SpaRc!


Clean design, transparency in every module. developed to help better user experience.


Simple design allows SpaRc user to use application with very minimum training reducing training cost.


Eliminating the need to invest on hardware to Pick and Put Away process, SpaRc's mobile app replaces the needed hardware.


Use it on any device. Desktop, Mac, Mobile or Tablet, you will notice a similar interface and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install any software on my machine ?

No, You do not need to install any software on any device as long as you have an internet connection and a device that has a Web Browser installed. SpaRc WMS is a cloud-based application that runs on any browser and any device.

Do I need to purchase special hardware to use for Put-away                 and picking process? ?

SpaRc's Mobile app is designed with the warehouse picking process in mind. Warehouses do not need to invest in huge hardware infrastructures that require on-going maintenance and support increasing the operating costs. This is what makes SpaRc unique and special. Right off the bat, it starts reducing operating cost so that warehouses can start seeing ROI without having to wait for a long time.

How does SpaRc Mobile app works for Picking?

SpaRc Mobile App is developed using today's smart technology. SpaRc uses mobile with a data plan to its advantage for the "Picking" Module. Want to see how it works, call us for a demo.

Do you offer Electronic Data Integration(EDI)?

SpaRc Warehouse Management System offers electronic data integration, also known as EDI, to send Advance Shipment Notification (ASN) to your customers. Along with EDI, SpaRc also integrated with QuickBooks to your advantage.

Additional Benefits Of Using SpaRc

SpaRc Warehouse Management System is a cloud-based application with many built-in features. SpaRc is built with a foundational thought that business size does not matter. SynerGILL's goal is to build products that fits everyone's needs.

  • Simple Pricing Structure. No Hidden fees.
  • The rate you see is the rate you pay.
  • Rapid, painless implementation.
  • You will always have latest and greatest.

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